Circumcision Sydney is a really common operation and is performed on a newborn by a nurse. The question that most parents ask their inheritance prior to having the surgery is,”How can this happen?” The majority of us have an overall idea of what happens; there’s some bright shiny new technology, the baby is swaddled in cotton, so a ring is put around its little head and it is cut. We can all see and love how easy it is to do this. However, what do we make of the physician who performs the procedure?

Circumcision Doctor – Your Right to Object?

For me, I find that this particular physician comes across as informed. He seems interested in the details of this procedure and completely explains them to me. He is up on a date with the latest information so he knows how to deal with potential issues that might arise. He describes each procedure as it is done so there are no surprises. His attitude towards cutting my son’s penis is professional yet caring – something that you do not always find in medical procedures.

Circumcision Doctor – Your Right to Object?

There are a lot of benefits of getting your child experience this procedure. One of these is your doctor’s experience. As a pediatrician, he should have seen it – from babies to adults – so he is going to be well prepared to handle any situation which may arise. This is one advantage. Another advantage is his health care knowledge.

Circumcision Doctor – Your Right to Object?

It appears he’s well informed but there’s 1 disadvantage also. His strategy to the procedure is somewhat different. I guess he has seen it and can not help himself from recommending the safest and best method. For him, this is much more important compared to other doctors. While he knows what he’s talking about and puts his private preference ahead of the interests of the individual, I think his strategy might be an issue.

For example, he begins the process by applying pressure to my baby’s head. I am not sure whether this is done because of concern or pain. Either way, I will tell he has me in a tight place. The only thing I could do is attempt to stop the process and ask for some time to relax. This is a pattern he understands and feels comfortable with, but for me it seems like an interrogation.

I was asked by my physician if I minded the feeling. I said it does not bother me. I also explained to him that I was okay with the procedure I felt fine going through the whole process. He wished to reassert his belief in maintaining me baby safe and went to begin his job. It was when he stopped and began to examine the baby which I decided to object.

As he continued with the process, I was becoming tired and in fact somewhat agitated. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable with the full procedure and wanted to have a chance to make up my mind. Again he lasted and didn’t offer me a chance to reconsider. I was really disappointed at this point because I believed I’d been advised of every potential advantage that might have been gained from this procedure.

Then he informed me that he would be open to offering me the option of having the procedure done behind my back. I was originally surprised to hear that, believing that I had asked him if he would carry out the procedure in my child. He said that he did not mean to suggest it, but instead he saw it as a chance and didn’t wish to rule it out. I was understandably upset since I’d publicly and completely agreed that I was not comfortable with the entire procedure. My question to him was, why would he execute the process if I wasn’t comfortable with it?